When needing one or the other tool on the golf course, inevitably, it was too often in my other, other pocket. I realized that I can solve this bother by having these tools secured in a unique way, hidden in a low-profile, stylish belt buckle. I sketched out the idea, and revised the design until it was spot-on. I hooked up with a talented mechanical engineer on Reddit. He helped me translate my drawings into a CAD design for draft prototype production. We experimented with the shape, dimensions, and securing mechanism and decided on gentle curves, simple lines, and an apt magnet securing system for the final first-generation On the Green Golf buckle. The design was patented in October of 2013.


Quality has been a guiding principle through the buckle’s development. It was essential that the buckle and tools be very durable and strong. Therefore, we chose a highly refined metallurgic manufacture process: metal injection molding, the same production process used for aerospace, automotive, medical instrument, and firearm component production. Likewise, to ensure a durable and smooth, yet color versatile exterior, we chose an electrostatically applied powder coat finish. Powder coating has become the preferred finish for durable metal parts, especially in the automotive and bicycle industries. It is environmentally friendly because it does not have a liquid carrier (as would paint) and therefore is not a significant source of volatile organic compounds. Finally, to ensure there would be no jiggling or risk of the tools falling out, strong magnets were included to hold the tools securely.


The buckle was first introduced to the golf product/apparel industry in the Inventors Spotlight at the 2014 PGA Merchandise Show where it was well received. You, or your loved one, can be among the first to own this innovative design.


– Colin Smith, Product Developer

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